Less Pain,

More Living

Finally, Massage Therapy Truly Specialized for Pain, with Pain Education & Mindfulness to Support You

I'm guessing you're here because you're tired of pain getting in the way of your life-your activities, your personal relationships, and even your work-and you're looking for a new and intelligent approach to help you find more freedom. 

Perhaps you know massage therapy can help you and you're looking for the approach most optimized for pain, or maybe you feel you've tried everything and are looking for a totally new system to help you-either way, you've come to the right place.


Specialized Massage Therapy

I believe you deserve expert hands-on therapy customized to your unique body and pain condition, incorporating the latest understanding of pain. My approach is geared towards unwinding tension patterns, calming your nervous system, and restoring healthy functional movement. This is far from spa massage; it is targeted, custom-tailored and goal-oriented to help you move more with less pain.


Pain Education

The evidence is clear: Understanding how pain works reduces pain and improves function. As a Therapeutic Pain Specialist, I teach you how pain works in a beneficial and easy to understand way; and give you practical, easy to implement tools to go along with your new understanding.

Mindfulness Stones and Sand


Study after study show that mindfulness practice is incredibly beneficial for pain. I incorporate mindfulness directly into your sessions, and can teach you a customized, easy to learn home mindfulness program based on evidence-based mindfulness practices.

David Melman, LMP, Therapeutic Pain Specialist

Welcome! Pain is difficult, frustrating, and sometimes confusing. That's why I've carefully optimized every aspect of my approach for helping you overcome pain.

My commitment is to support you in reaching your goals-getting back to your active healthy life, having a better understanding of pain, and developing practical tools so you feel like you and not your pain are in control of your life.

If you feel held back and constricted by pain and you're ready to get expert support to help you find more freedom, I'm here to more and live more freely. I'd like to invite you to take your next positive step by scheduling an introductory session with me.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey of overcoming pain and getting back to living to the fullest.


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Success Stories

“I have history of surgeries and physical traumas that have impacted over a decade of my life. I have struggled to gain full mobility and strength from these setbacks and as an athlete they have limited my performance. After working with David for several months I have seen huge gains in my physical performance due to significantly decreasing my chronic pain and restoring my body’s full range of motion. I cannot recommend David enough, he is compassionate, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”

— Michele B., Outdoor Enthusiast & a Research Director at UW Medicine

“I am a Physical Therapist and I initially started seeing David for a shoulder injury that was bothering me during sports and while treating my own patients. After just two treatment sessions, I no longer have any pain. David does not chase pain but analyzes the entire body and fascial system in order to get to the root of your problem. He is very present throughout the session and very in tune with his client’s needs. His hands are firm but comfortable and safe. I recommend him without hesitation for anyone looking to be active participants in taking steps towards better health. Thank you David for sharing your gifts with the greater Seattle area.”

— Nancy B., Doctor of Physical Therapy

“A friend encouraged me to see David when I had upper back pain that began to radiate to my neck and shoulder. I would have never believed what a difference it made. The pain was something I struggled with off and on for years, and my last session was about 10 months ago and I am still pain free in my back. I recently went back to him for some very mild knee pain in preparation for a big hike I’m doing, and after just one session it feels almost totally improved. 

— Brenda B., Certified Nurse Midwife

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